Sudhir Kakkar’s book, ‘The Indians,’ introduces the concept of “double disadvantage,” illustrating that being both a woman and a Dalit in India can result in systemic discrimination and limited opportunities.Bebi Devi, a resident of Shahpur village in the Warisaliganj Block of Nawada District, has defied the odds and overcome a life of double disadvantage – being a woman and a Dalit. This case study delves into her inspiring journey of resilience and entrepreneurship, highlighting the transformative impact of the Enterprise development supported by BJUP team  and facillitated by Village Development Committee (VDC) and in her life.

After marriage, Bebi Devi encountered another challenge; her husband was leg-disabled. Disability, despite growing awareness, continued to be viewed with pity in many parts of the country. “My life took another turn when I got married to a man who left me and went to other city , and the responsibility of providing for my family fell upon my shoulders at a very young age”. Says Bebi Devi while sharing her ordeal to the BJUP and VDC.

Motivated by her circumstances, Bebi Devi decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Recognizing the potential in the fast-food industry, she opened a small fast-food store in front of her house, specializing in Samosa Chat. However, a lack of resources hindered her progress.

Fortune smiled on Bebi when she learned about the Enterprise development supported by BJUP team and Village Development Committee (VDC) in her village. This committee aimed to support small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures in the area. Recognizing this as an opportunity to enhance her business prospects, Bebi enrolled in the program.

As part of the initiative, Bebi received a shaded wooden cart and a steel jar with a tap. This seemingly simple assistance had a profound impact on her life.With her new tools; she could expand her business beyond her immediate neighborhood. Her product range expanded from Samosa Chat to include Dahibara, Tikki Chaat, Pani Puri, and more. This diversification significantly improved her financial status. Her monthly earnings increased from a mere ₹3,000 to approximately ₹8,000.

The intervention not only brought financial stability but also bolstered Bebi’s self-worth. Empowered by her newfound success, she decided to pay it forward. Bebi began supporting other women-based enterprises in her locality with the help of VDC. With the support of the Village Development Committee, she transformed her life from one of hardship to one filled with respect, opportunities, and the potential to inspire others.

 “The VDC and BJUP team were a turning point for me, so I eagerly enrolled in their entrepreneurial support program.They provided With new wooden cart, I could easily move to different nearby places and expand my business.I am so grateful to the VDC and HRDP Team for what they have done to help me and my children.”She says with a smile on her face.

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