Charaiya, a village in Jamui district,Bihar, had long grappled with economic and educational challenges, particularly among the Malpahadi tribe. With only 10% literacy, lack of access to quality education, and children working in mica mines, education had not been a priority.

BJUP team, working in Charaiya village aimed to address these challenges in the education and raise awareness about the importance of education and facilitate the enrollment of children in school by organizing meetings with villagers, including the village Mukhiya (head).

Over time, these meetings and conversations began to change the way residents thought about education. They started to recognize that their lack of education had contributed to their backwardness and hindered their development.This shift in mindset marked a crucial turning point in the in the success of the innitiative.

To further address the education-related issues, team workers facilitated a meeting between the villagers and the school’s principal. In this meeting, villagers shared their concerns about their children’s education,including the fear of falling behind academically. The headmaster reassured them that the school was committed to helping these children succeed and that their challenges were also the school’s challenges. This reassurance provided a sense of relief and encouragement to the parents.

Volunteers played an essential role in supporting children’s education.They not only ensured that children attended school regularly but also provided supplementary tutoring in the village. Some parents took their children’s education seriously and arranged for private tuition to further improve their academic performance.

“children of the mica area are now coming to school, the organization has givenTLM, sports material and library to the school, it provides facilities & support for children to teach. This work  BJUP is very commendable, such work should be done in other schools as well.” Says Shyamdev Shah (Principal: U.M.S Charaiya)

As a result of these efforts, there was a noticeable shift in the attitudes of both children and parents towards education.Children began to enjoy attending school,Parents became more involved in their children’s education, actively encouraging them to study and providing necessary support.

“The story of Charaiya village is about bringing positive change in the lives of children.It’s a shining example of how strategic interventions can lead to long-lasting changes in pathway to developmet. I am happy to see children taking intrest in studying” Says Keshav Mandal (Education Trainer at BJUP)

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